Nit-pickable phrases of the day

Stumbled across these gems amongst the days readings. Both deserved a special nitpicking.

1. “Illogical racism” – Actually racism is highly logical. Humans like to draw boundaries around things. They imagine communities of like-minded “selves” and tie these communities to territory. These communities are envisioned as “clans”, “tribes”, “nations”. The creation of said community requires that community to conceptualise an “other” – which, in the group’s imaginarium, often figures as an external threat. Racist discourses thus function as a means of unifying one group to resist against the Other. Seems sequential and logical to me. Although, of course, its logic is framed on the fallacy that one’s imagined community is REAL and not an abstraction.

2. “Cultural terrorism” – Might be the most trite phrase ever coined. Putting one already papier-mâché concept (“culture”) in the context of the world’s most loaded word does not make the original concept any more homologous to the observable and tangible.

3. “Military intelligence” – One of the best oxymorons ever coined.

4. “Arab Spring” – Another delightful fallacy. Contingent on the assumption that history is a progression rather than an oscillation and that the evolution of human society is unilinear (it is not). The eponymous “thaw” seems to have come hand-in-hand with some jihadist frost hath it not?.

5. “Humanitarian intervention”… I could go on…

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