Commentary: Release of the IGADF’s war crimes report

On 19 November 2020, a redacted version of the Brereton Report was released to the public. While it satisfactorily vindicates years of media reporting, it is sad to reflect on how long it has taken the Australian public to believe what happened.

With the recent establishment of the Office for the Special Investigator, the reckoning for these crimes is finally beginning and many in Australia are now coming to terms with what the report’s findings mean.

My most recent commentary is available here but my voice is not the most important voice. We need to start listening to the Afghan victims. They were never believed. In some ways, they’re still not. From hereonin, this must change.

ABC News (with Patricia Karvelas)

NPR (with Diaa Hadid)

Triple J Hack (with Avani Dias)

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