Winter Ramblings

The 2020 and 2021 winters have been good to me – with many spectacular ice routes climbed in The Rockies and on the West Coast. Swinging tools into frozen waterfalls never gets less fun. Below is a selection of some of my favourites from the last two winters.

Carlsberg Column (Wi5), Field, BC
The Tantalus Drool (Wi4), First ascent, Squamish, BC
Pilsner Pillar (Wi6), Field, BC
Rainbow Serpent (Wi6), The Recital Hall. Backed off this one.
Rambles Right Column (Wi4), Duffy Lake, BC
Curtain Call (Wi6), Icefields Parkway, AB
Shades of Beauty (Wi4), Icefields Parkway, AB. This ice is on the approach hike.
Professor Falls (Wi4/5), Banff, ABC
Amadeus (M5, Wi5), Kananaskis, BC
Virtual Reality (Wi6), Icefields Parkway, AB
Scar Tissue (M7+, Wi5), Storm Creek, AB
Moonlight (Wi4), Kananaskis, BC
The Killer Pillar (Wi6), Stanley Headwall, BC
Counting Chickens (Wi5), First Ascent, Lilooet, BC

Till next winter!

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