My analysis, commentary and news pieces have been published by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Foreign PolicySydney Morning Herald, The Conversation, The Australian and The Squamish Chief (my local paper).

My ABC writer’s profile can be found here. I have also appeared on ABC News Radio, Triple J Hack and 2SER.

  • Elliott, C. 3JAN21. ‘Top brass unduly keen on the “few bad apples” theory’. The Australian. (article)
  • Elliott, C. 23NOV20. ‘The unanswered questions from Australia’s war crimes report’. Task & Purpose. (article)
  • Elliott, C. 29OCT20. ‘The reputation of Australia’s special forces is beyond repair — it’s time for them to be disbanded’. The Conversation. (article)
  • Elliott, C. 08OCT20. ‘American-Scottish team complete new route on the Emperor Face of Mt Robson’. Alpinist. (article)
  • Elliott, C. 21MAY2020. ‘BC Parks failed us when we needed them most’. Squamish Chief. (article)
  • Elliott, C. 28MAY20. ‘We are the ‘outsiders’, Squamish’. Squamish Chief. (article).
  • Elliott, C. 19JUN2019. ‘Australia is undermining the freedom of its press’. Foreign Policy. (article).
  • Elliott, C. 19JUN2018. ‘The Abuse Scandal Rocking Australia’s Special Operations Forces’. Foreign Policy. (article).
  • Elliott, C. 12JUN2018. ‘Disbanding might be the only option for Australia’s special ops’. Sydney Morning Herald. (article). 
  • Elliott, C. 16MAR2018. ‘My Lai: What we learned about ‘forever wars’ from one of America’s worst atrocities’. Sydney Morning Herald. (article).
  • Elliott, C. 27APR2018. ‘Death symbol ban is the difference between an army and a ‘death cult’. ABC News. (article).
  •  Elliott, C. 24AUG2017. ‘Trump’s strategy-free strategy raises more question than it answers’. ABC News. (article).
  • Elliott, C. 11JUL2017. ‘”Land, kill and leave”: High value targeting and civilian casualties in Afghanistan’. ABC News. (article).
  • Elliott, C. 7MAY2017. ‘Chibok schoolgirl release shows Boko Haram’s weakening position’. ABC News. (article).
  • Elliott, C. 14APR2017. ‘MOABs win battles but they don’t win wars’. ABC News. (article).
  • Elliott, C. 24JAN2017. ‘Jihadism on the move in Mali – why it matters’. ABC News. (article).
  • Elliott, C. 23DEC2016. ‘Melbourne terror plot: A statistically enduring anomaly’. ABC News. (article).
  • Elliott, C. 14JUL2016. ‘Bastille Day attack: The horror continues but so does our resolve’. ABC News. (article).
  • Elliott, C. 26NOV2015. ‘Why the West should consider isolation over invasion’. ABC News. (article).
  • Elliott, C. 5JUL2015. ‘We’re all to blame for the foreign fighter reality’. ABC News. (article).
  • Elliott, C. 22MAR2015. ‘The problem with modern Lawrences of Arabia. ABC News. (article).
  • Elliott, C. 2MAR2015. ‘What drove my mate to die fighting IS’. ABC News. (article).


Magazine & Longform

My long-form writing has been nominated for a National Magazine Award and appeared in AlpinistMountain LifeOutpost, Griffith Review and Medium.

  • Elliott, C. 1DEC2019. ‘The Centurion: Conversations with a My Lai Massacrist’. Medium. (article).
  • Elliott, C. Spring 2016. ‘Fire in the Cascades’. Alpinist 53. (article).
  • Elliott, C. Spring 2017. ‘From Rock Upon Rock, A Mountain’. Alpinist 58. (article).
  • Elliott, C. Winter 2017. ‘Totality from a Mountaintop’. Alpinist 60. (article).
  • Elliott, C. Winter/Spring 2017. ‘Down and Out in Squamish and Whistler’. Mountain Life. (article).
  • Elliott, C. Winter/Spring 2018. ‘Searching for Xwechtaal’. Mountain Life. (article).
  • Elliott, C. June 2017. ‘Off the Rails in Mauritania’. Outpost Issue 117. (article).
  • Elliott, C. June 2018. ‘Return to Country: Training Warriors in the Far North’. Griffith Review 60. (article).



My writing on military, security and anthropology-related topics has featured in Small Wars Journal and the Canadian Military Journal.

  • Elliott, C. 2022. ‘Book Review: Rogue Forces’. Medium. (article).
  • Elliott, C. 2018. ‘Book Review: Why We Fight – The Cognitive Basis of War’. Canadian Military Journal. 19(1). pp. 66-67. (article). 
  • Elliott, C. 2017. ‘The Korea Crisis: When Human Politics Apes that of Chimps’. Small Wars Journal. (article).

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